What Is A Unique Idea For A Party Gift?

Are you having difficulty deciding what to bring to a “25th” “50th”  anniversary party, a “sweet 16,” “21st” “50th”  birthday party, a housewarming party, a Holiday Party, a Retirement Party, a High School or College Graduation Party or any party for a family member or friend’s special occasion?

A wonderful creative unique party gift would be a personalized poem that can’t be bought in a store or seen anywhere beforehand because it’s unique to the recipient. A custom poem is a very thoughtful gift that is oftentimes framed so it can become a memorable keepsake that can be enjoyed by the Recipient for many years after the event has ended. Custom poems are frequently read at the event or at a zoom video meeting. Custom Poetry Company specializes in writing custom poems and speeches for any special occasion.

Unique Party Gift

We also write custom wording for invitations or blank greeting cards to make them stand out and make a wonderful first impression. Your custom poem or speech is sent to you on beautiful stationery suitable for framing. All the information needed to write your custom poem or speech is derived from a questionnaire that we send to you and all the information remains confidential.

We guarantee satisfaction because we send you your custom poem or speech only after you have given us your final approval. Payment through PayPal or check is appreciated before writing begins and includes shipping and any rewrites. We hope that you contact us to write a custom poem or speech for a special event or create the perfect wording for an event that will provide a fabulous first impression.