Your family member or friend will enjoy receiving a custom poem that can become a framed memorable keepsake that will always be a wonderful reminder of a special occasion.


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60th Birthday Poem

Jane, you’re like a magnet.
People always want to be around you.
Whenever someone is blue,
You’re the one that they turn to.

You’re sensitive and kind.
As a friend you’re quite a find.
The questions on everyone’s tongue
Is how do you manage to look so young?
And how do you stay 105 pounds
When there are so many 5 pound lobsters
In your body swimming around?

Bob and you immediately knew that together you belong.
Your marriage is very strong.
Sometimes Bob won’t want the same thing that you do,
But you know just what to say to get your way. 

After some gentle coaxing,
A party in your new home your hosting.
And the best thing is,
Bob thinks the idea was his!

It’s amazing that 4 kids came out of your bod
That looks so youthful and is as thin as a rod.
You always look very chic from your head to your feet.
It would be very hard looking “hootchie Kootchie”
Wearing only Hermes and Gucci!

A helping hand to others you will always lend.
There are so many wonderful things to say about you.
As a wife, mother, daughter and friend,
“You’re too good to be true.”

We’re so lucky to have a friend as terrific as you.
And we hope that all of your birthday wishes come true.

So now it’s time to say…
Jane, you’re so great! We love you…Happy Birthday!

Candle Lighting Poem for Parents

When it comes to having terrific parents, I won the lottery!
Mom and Dad thanks for everything that you do for me
Including giving me this special day.
Both of you are so great in every way.

Going to St.Thomas, Florida and sports events are a few
Of the wonderful times I’ve enjoyed with you.
You’re always encouraging me to do my best,
And you’ve given me the tools for success.

You’re terrific role models for me.
I know I’ll always be close to my family.
Mom and Dad I love you so much.
Please come up to light this candle with me.

Candle Lighting Poem for an Aunt

Aunt Jill is a wonderful Aunt
Who never says to us “we can’t.”
We have so much fun together whatever we do.
She makes us feel special 
And we know she’s special too.
“She’s One Singular Sensation”
who will never miss a birthday party or celebration.
Being with her is always so much fun.
We’re sad when our visit with her is done.
Aunt Jill, you’re so great.                                        Please come up here to light candle #8

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